Hey y’all!

Finally got my new site up and running. Yay! It is the same blog just moved over to self hosting. This is the last post that will be made on this version of my blog. This site will be deleted within the next month. You can go to the new site by clicking  here!


The photo above is a photo of what the site now looks like. Hope y’all love it as much as me! I really really hope y’all will follow me to the new site. It would mean the world to me! See ya there!

The new website domain name is


Keep up to date!

Hey y’all I am in the process of getting a whole new look to my website and getting my own domain name!

I will still be posting every day of April for the A to Z challenge though! The posts just may be shorter. Hang in there and remember to keep up!

Thank y’all so much for all the support!



My gigantic journey so far has been crazy. Like a roller coaster my journey has had a lot of ups and downs, even some twists in there. I am 22 years old and so much has happened in my life. Things have happened in my life that doesn’t happen to most people. If I could go back in time and change things would I? Continue reading


Have you been to Ireland before? For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to go to Ireland. Honestly, I would be up for living up there too not just going on vacation. I am of Irish descent on both sides of my family tree. Continue reading

Hairy Helper

Today is the letter H in the A to Z challenge. My word is going to be hairy helper…. This is going to be a rather short post tonight for I am not feeling well. I really just want to go to bed. But I will not let myself fail this challenge. I have started so many monthly challenge thingys before and I have yet to finish even one! So I am determined to finish this one! Continue reading


Fear is a common emotional we all have. We fear things for two main reasons. One reason is for our survival. This is how we determine threats in our life. The other main reason is because of events that have happened in our lives. Some fears can be concurred by just simply facing them. While others are harder to get over. Continue reading



We are 2 months down in this deployment! Holy cow batman! This is exciting. We are 2 months closer to seeing each other again. That makes me so happy. It does seem that it is going by super slow but I try my best to stay positive. Continue reading